Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Random Things You didn't know about me

Over at  Pretty Shiny Sparkly, she challenged us to post ten random things about ourself. Here are ten things about me you probably don't know.

1. I panic inside when I'm in a crowd and can't find anyone I know.
2. I hate it when people wear jeans that are too long for them and walk on them til they wear them out on     the   bottoms.
3. I graduated number 69 out of 500 in highschool.
4. People who talk really loud in public while using their cells phones and blue tooths really bother me, I find that so rude.
5. I'm afraid of frogs...spiders don't phase me but frogs scare the crap outta me.

6. I'm a reality tv junkie. 90% of what I watch is reality tv. I watch it all from Hoarders to Amazing Race, All the real Housewives to Little People Big World
7.  I want to get my nose or my eyebrow pierced. But I'm afraid ut will hurt.
8. I like to watch british movies.

9.  I was a teen in the 80's but I hate 80's music, I rather listen to classic rock or new stuff.
10. Even though I don't wear them because I would break my neck I love hooker shoes.

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